The PL 500 is a small device designed to answer the various location needs the LCU500 is not designed to solve.

Its main applications are:

  • Personal location and protection.
  • Valuable equipment tracking and protection.
  • Motorcycles protection.
  • Advanced computerized vehicles protection.

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Access control System is operated in proximity to secured area control point including an operating system therein to provide multiple operating modes. The Access Control is operable to provide access to a secured area by entry of an identification code or the use of proximity card, which is read by the card reader, or entered to the keyboard. The user will be granted access to the controlled area when the user access requested corresponds to the level of access provided by the identification presented.

This is an innovative electronic security lock that combines secure entry with ease of use. The system can be used in remote locations to provided unattended access security as well as whole-of-buildingĀ  access control in an office, factory or warehouse environment.

Stand Alone Access Control
These are really keypad systems that are hardwired in. The keypad is mounted outside the door, and it controls an electric strike or magnetic lock. The Stand Alone Access Control can be accessed by the use of proximity card that is programmed to be identified by the reader.

The Access Control can also be restricted to certain individuals by programming the reader to recognize only the specified codes on the proximity cards of this individuals.

Online Access Control Systems
The Online Access Control combines hardware and software with the latest advances in digital videAccess Control Systemo technology to provide customers with superb stand alone and integrated access + CCTV solutions.
When integrated with Doors, after initially configuring cameras to coincide with doors, gates, or other input points on the access control system, subsequent doors reports will communicate with the Server application to find and list any access system events and play them back in a viewer window on demand. The Online Access Control application records and retrieves all video events, as well as providing on-screen camera control and live monitoring, in a powerful, easy-to-use interface.


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