The PL 500 is a small device designed to answer the various location needs the LCU500 is not designed to solve.

Its main applications are:

  • Personal location and protection.
  • Valuable equipment tracking and protection.
  • Motorcycles protection.
  • Advanced computerized vehicles protection.

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Mesika Brothers Foundation

The Mesika Brothers Foundation is a social enterprise initiative of the EMI group, actively supported by the EMI group, corporate organisations, NGO' and individual philanthropists.
The foundation is a not-for-profit organization devoted to the design, development and deployment of projects, world class trainings that will promote young peoples leadership development.

"To actively contribute to the development of young people, inspiring them through training and skill development to breed a generation of positive change agents"
The MB Foundation was started in the year 2007. it believes that "leaders are made"  hence its involvement in bringing together young people between ages 15 – 30, training them with a view to deepen their understanding of leadership  and encouraging  them take up positive developmental responsibility in their community.

We work actively in our community by supporting existing youth development initiatives, organising training, skills workshop and where necessary hand-on skill acquisition programmes for young people in our community.
To achieve our aim, we focus on the follow areas:
-Individual Development
-Community Development and
-Active youth participation in development and governance.

The foundation will run programmes that will directly impact the leadership development of young people in our community some of these programmes include:
FUTURE LAB:A flagship programme of JCI-Nigeria to be run in conjunction with JCI-aso, the programme will feature a fast paced 3 days course, The course will be focused on creating, developing and sustaining positive Impact Leadership. In select youths between the ages of 18-25.
IT-Strukture:The programme is for young people between the ages of 13-19, the  programme is designed to introduce teenagers to cutting edge IT programmes by providing free IT-Skills and training for in-school youths during breaks.
Other programmes and Projects: The foundation will from time to time carry out programme and projects that is within its capacity to carry out.

          The foundation would be affiliated and work with the following organisation for the successful delivery of its projects.
          EMI group, JCI-aso, LEAP Africa, Digital Bridge Institute, Corporate Organisations, Individuals Philanthropists etc






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