The PL 500 is a small device designed to answer the various location needs the LCU500 is not designed to solve.

Its main applications are:

  • Personal location and protection.
  • Valuable equipment tracking and protection.
  • Motorcycles protection.
  • Advanced computerized vehicles protection.

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Pointer Systems Nigeria Limited

Pointer Systems Nig. Ltd is  the only organization that offers an Online Fleet Management System that works on GPRS DATA and not SMS.

The Pointer online web application is an efficient and friendly tool for tracking, real time monitoring and reporting for the new and the advanced fleet manager in the information world of today.
The Online Fleet Application enables maximum utilization of the system at minimum cost. Maximum utilization of system resources also includes the fleet manager's precious time.                                                  
Pointer online saves the fleet manager's time.

Pointer Systems Nig. Ltd. is a collaboration between EMI Systems Limited and Starcom Systems Ltd.

  • Starcom Systems Ltd. Develops, Design and Manufacture  wireless & wired solution for GSM and CDMA networks 
  • Starcom is an international company which have 10 Years of experience in the telematics market
  • Starcom keeps on going Research and Development for hardware and software as well as a fact that it hold ownership for the technology
  • Starcom A-team coordinate electronic engineers and software programmers side by side with experienced staff which established more then 25 centers and operations world wide.
  • Starcom’s Mission is to Continually Improve the technology and to provide top solutions with a Marketable Price
  • EMI/Starcom supporting Turn Key Solution which allows the local operator to reap revenues quickly with minimum risk and minimum expenses

Pointer Systems Nig. Limited & Starcom Systems supporting Turn Key Solutionwhich allows the local operator to reap revenues quickly with minimum risk and minimum expenses:






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