The PL 500 is a small device designed to answer the various location needs the LCU500 is not designed to solve.

Its main applications are:

  • Personal location and protection.
  • Valuable equipment tracking and protection.
  • Motorcycles protection.
  • Advanced computerized vehicles protection.

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Irrespective of the sophistication of your internal security system, your perimeter protection and detection remains the first line of defence . By including perimeter protection and detection measures in a security system you are conforming to a layered defence approach, as recommended by many security experts.
EMI/ASP offers Perimeter Protection systems for commercial, public sector, government and high security sites. AC Controls has provided advanced perimeter protection and detection systems for clients such as CBN, SHELL, etc.

Perimeter Intrusion

An electric fence system consists of electric wires carrying high voltage electric pulses that provide a non-lethal shock to an intruder. Tampering with the fence results in an alarm activation, this is transmitted to security personnel monitoring the site. The fences come in a wide range of configuration and can be installed as a stand-alone barrier or as an existing perimeter protection.

Wired Fence


Designed to meet today’s increased security risk, we offer a modular, flexible approach to addressing the issues of vandalism, theft, civil disorder and indeed terrorism. This high level of perimeter security delays if not totally prohibits attempts to cut through, climb over or tunnel under the fence. The welded mesh fabric as shown gives great strength and reduces hand and foot hold, and yet still allows excellent visual imaging from even the acutest of angles.


Manufactured from 'bi-steel' hard drawn
carbon steel. Welded into a strong lattice formation. Galvanized to ISO EN 1461 and/or plastic coated.



If you’re looking to protect people, property or goods from any sort of threat, your security planning andFence installation should include Barded Tape Systems. And, if you are simply seeking to improve your current security, existing protection can be rapidly and cost-effectively upgraded by EMI.

A modern, cost-effective alternative to barbed wire, barbed tape presents cutting surfaces throughout – preventing hand holds at any point. It is an effective solution to high security needs concerning, and our consulting services can ensure you get the most suitable security design.








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