The PL 500 is a small device designed to answer the various location needs the LCU500 is not designed to solve.

Its main applications are:

  • Personal location and protection.
  • Valuable equipment tracking and protection.
  • Motorcycles protection.
  • Advanced computerized vehicles protection.

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The Intruder/Burglary Alarm System is a 24 hour Monitoring Service for total peace of mind it is both the commercial and domestic applications can be linked to a central monitoring station that will immediately notifyIntruder/Burglar Alarm Control Panel a local police station should an alarm be activated. The alarm will activate even if an intruder cuts the phone line - something that intruders often think will disable the alarm system. The Intruder Alarm Systems we install are high quality systems that provide house owners and Office Complex with the security they require, at a price they can afford.




Panic buttons or personal attack buttons are used to activate the alarm when you feel you may be under threat. Panic buttons will activate the alarm even if your system is not armed. The remote Keypad of your alarm system incorporates a built in panic button as standard. Panic buttons would be used in places vulnerable to robberies e.g. filling stations, shops, banks, etc. Panic buttons can be "set up" for silent alert to the monitoring station, i.e. no audible alarms will sound when pressed.
A Passive Infrared Detector (PIR) operates by detecting heat movement given off by a person's body. Passive Infrared's are almost exclusively used in commercial alarm systems due to reliable detection with a very low risk of false alarms. These detectors would be used in shops, banks, factories and high-risk areas etc.
These devices are Heavy Duty Metal Contacts activate your alarm when a roller shutter or loading door is opened. These contacts are very robust and can with stand forklift trucks or heavy goods vehicles driving over them, and are designed for use in commercial alarm systems.
Inertia Shock Sensors are normally fitted to windows and doors, they work by sensing shock or vibration by a potential intruder trying to force open or break a window or door.







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